The Gazette is the quarterly publication for SCARS members. Whether you can participate in the local events or not, the Gazette is well worth the price of the dues.

The menu below and at the right is a listing of some of the articles that have appeared in the Gazette over the past few years, and also other items of interest. Clicking on a title will present that article.

We need original articles for the Gazette! Please submit articles two months prior to publishing date, i.e. December 1st for February issue, March 1st for May, June 1st for August, and September 1st for November. Simply attach your article to an email and send it to , the Gazette's editor.

Want to share that special item via the web? Do you have a mystery radio or part that maybe someone can identify? Feel free to post a photo and descriptive info on the SCARS Forum.

Links to Articles— article will open in a new window, simply CLOSE when finished reading:

Andrews Electronics
Alaska Communications System
Browning-Drake Introduction
Browning-Drake 1923-1917
Browning-Drake 1928
Browning-Drake Screen-Grid
Browning-Drake AC Power Supply
Flint Radio Company

Links to Articles — article will open in a new window, simply CLOSE when finished reading:

Hallicrafters First Skyrider
Hammarlund Super-Pro
Infradyne Receiver
Kemper Radio Corp.
McMurdo Silver Model 5A (1932)
National, The SW Receivers
McMurdo Silver Masterpieces
New York in the Thirties
Philco 200
Philco 690
Radio Station KFI
Radio News 1940 Amplifier
RCA Model 103 Loudspeaker
RCA Radiola (1930)
Regerative SW Receivers
Retrosonic Receiver
R-G-S Octa-Monic
Scott All-Wave
Scott Imperial
Sparton Equasonne Receivers
Sparton Equasonne 301
Stenode Radiostat
Stromberg-Carlson 955PF
Superhetrodyne Alignment
Tuning Eye replacement
Tuning Eye replacement PDF File
The "Magic" of a Dyne


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